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Works by Pino Pascali in museums

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GAM - Galleria Civica d'arte moderna e contemporanea, Turin

  • Labbra rosse (Omaggio a Billie Holiday), 1964
    Red lips (Tribute to Billie Holiday), 1964
    painted cloth and enamels on cementite and wood, 121x164x22 cm, Inv. FD/63
    Inscription on rear: "Giuseppe Pascali 64"

GNAM - Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome

  • Requiescat (In pace Corradinus), 1965
    Wood, plush and cloth painted with enamels, 249x165.5x54 cm
  • Primo piano labbra, 1965
    Close up of lips, 1965
    enamelled cloth stretched over wooden structure, 165x165x30 cm
  • Torso di negra, 1964-1965
    Torso of black woman, 1964-1965
    enamelled cloth stretched over wooden structure with air space, 160x90x20 cm

MACRO – Museo d'arte contemporanea, Rome

Museo Civico Fattori, Livorno

  • Grande rettile, 1967
    Large reptile, 1967

Museo Comunale d'arte moderna, Spoleto

  • Coda di cetaceo, 1966
    Tail of cetacean, 1966
    black cloth over wooden structure

Museo Comunale d'arte moderna, Avezzano (L'Aquila)

Palazzo Pino Pascali – Museo Comunale d'arte contemporanea, Polignano a mare, Bari

  • Balena, 1966
    Whale, 1966
    sculpture project in white cloth over wooden frame
    head: 200x100x100 cm tail: 300x100x100 cm
  • Pulcinella, 1963/1964
    22 photos shot and printed by Pascali, 24x30 cm each
  • U.S.A. Army, 1966
    blueprint, 100x400 cm
  • Studio della chiesa di San Nicola di Bari, 1956/1959
    Study of the church of San Nicola di Bari, 1956/1959
    two drawings in black Indian ink on paper, 28x20 cm each


Centre George Pompidou, Paris

  • Le penne di Esopo, 1968
    Aesop’s feathers
    entwined feathers and steel wool mounted on a wooden board
    diam 150 cm depth 35 cm

MUMOK - Museum Moderner Kunst Ludwig Stiftung, Vienna

  • Vedova blu, 1968
    Blue widow, 1968
    Acrylic pile on wooden structure, diam 280 cm 

Musée d'art Moderne et Contemporaine, Strasburg

  • Cascate, 1966
    Waterfalls, 1966
    cloth on wooden structure, 260x460x102 cm

Museum of Modern Art, Osaka

  • Mare, 1966
    Sea, 1966
    White cloth on wooden frames, 25 elements
    600x400x25 cm