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  • Colour ad for Autonoleggi Maggiore (Car hire firm)


  • Scenic design for an ad for the Algida Coppa Olimpia  ice-cream


  • Vita col nonno (Life with granddad): two Carosello series in b/w for Algida, 12 pieces in all 


  • Theme for Intermezzo. Lost
  • I Killers (The Killers), colour ad for Algida, later rejected; a pilot assembled by Sandro Lodolo introduces the characters of the series
  • Pronti, fuoco! (Ready, fire!), colour ad for Amadis cigarettes
  • Colour ads for the Maraldi bookshop (Saraceni production). Lost
  • Salvador, el matador del televisor, two Carosello series in b/w for Algida, broadcast between spring and summer of the following year. Sandro Lodolo was director of animation and scriptwriter while Pino Pascali conceived and designed the characters and also operated as set designer and scriptwriter, Niso Ramponi was the draughtsman, Gianfranco Modestini the photographer and Massimo Saraceni the producer. The voice of Salvador was that of Elio Pandolfi


  • Fin dai tempi della preistoria... ,(Since prehistoric times…) colour ad for Confezioni Monti
  • Che posizione! (What a position!), colour ad for the sleeper cars of the Ferrovie dello Stato
  • Colour ad for the “Arrigoni” products
  • A live colour film, produced by Massimo Saraceni for the Radio subscription competition campaign, Una piccola spesa (A small outlay), with Renzo Palmer. Shot in Saraceni’s studio, Pascali’s works can be seen on the walls


  • Theme for Tic-Tac, in collaboration with Sandro Lodolo
  • 777, colour ad for Amadis cigarettes
  • Storia del treno (History of the train), colour ad for the Ferrovie dello Stato;
  • Bacco, Carosello series in b/w for Sutter’s Marga floor wax, broadcast in January and February 1963. Produced by Massimo Saraceni, Niso Ramponi was director, draughtsman and director of animation, Sandro Lodolo supervisor and scriptwriter, Pino Pascali set designer
  • I Posteros, series of colour ads for “Intermezzo”;
  • Un dolce sogno (A sweet dream), colour ads for Torrone Alberti (nougat);
  • Colour ads for Getto, an insecticide made by Squibb;
  • Popcorn story, colour ad for M.I.M. Mobili (furnishings)


  • Colour ads for the Curcio Atlas, Argo Stufa, Carta Sana and Kookoock


  • Il Cafffé con tre effe (Coffee with three fs), three series of colour ads for cinema for Camerino coffee. Concept and graphics by Pino Pascali, directed by Sandro Lodolo, produced by Massimo Saraceni


  • TV theme Prima pagina and Prima pagina (Front page), in collaboration with Sandro Lodolo
  • Assistant set designer for a series of b/w musicals directed by Antonello Falqui, produced by the Biblioteca di Studio Uno, RAI TV:
    • Conte di Montecristo (The Count of Montecristo): the design of a whale on a sign in the port is by Pascali;
    • Odissea (Odyssey): the tails of the sirens (played by the Kessler twins) and the sea; the life-like but gigantic objects in the cave of the cyclops Polyphemus – a bow, a comb and a bowl – are all by Pascali;
    • Primula Rossa (The Scarlet Pimpernel);
    • La storia di Rossella O'Hara (The story of Rossella O’Hara);
    • Tre Moschettieri (The Three Musketeers);
    • Al Grand'Hotel (At the Grand Hotel);
    • Fornaretto di Venezia (The Baker of Venice).


  • Studies, screenplay and photos for a Carosello series for “Conserve e Confetture Arlecchino” (jams and conserves), broadcast in the first three months of 1966, directed by Enrico Sannia;
  • Theme for “Prima pagina” (Front page)


  • Africa and Giappone (Japan), two series of colour ads for the RAI Radiotelefortuna subscription competition campaign
  • La taglia (The ransom), live colour film produced by Massimo Saraceni for Monti clothing. Pino Pascali is a cowboy who dies in the first scene


  • Theme for the TV broadcast “Incontri”
  • Studies, screenplay and photos for a Carosello series for Cirio, broadcast in the first and last quarter of 1966: Questo è il paese del sole ( This is the land of sunshine). Agency Ted Bates, production Massimo Saraceni, Sandro Lodolo and Pino Pascali directors and scriptwriters, Gianfranco Modestini photographer, Alessandro Alessandroni music. Pascali played the pazzariello (a sort of cross between town-crier and sandwich man, specific to Naples)
  • Pino Pascali, documentary produced by the Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome. Directed by Abate and Matteucci


  • Actor in “Gioco” (Game), directed by Giosetta Fioroni
  • Actor playing Pulcinella and Pazzariello for the Cirio ad, with concept and screenplay by himself, directed by Enrico Sannia


Four Carosello series in black and white for Maggiora biscuits, Il nonno racconta (Granddad’s story), broadcast in the third and fourth quarters of the 1966 and in the first and third quarters of 1967. Relè Agency, production Massimo Saraceni, directed by Enrico Sannia, Benito Frattari was the director of photography, music by Sergio Pagoni and Alessandro Alessandroni, the theme and screenplay were by Pino Pascali, who also designed the puppets that he operated with his own hands. Initially Pascali had designed a more complex set of puppets, which Lodolo still has, and more complicated stories. What eventually emerged was a compromise between Saraceni and Pascali; however Donatella Morandi tells us that Pascali enjoyed himself greatly operating the puppets himself and writing the stories.


  • Theme for TV7, in collaboration with Sandro Lodolo
  • Theme for Prossimamente


  • Actor in the film SKMP2, directed by Luca Patella, produced by Luca Patella & L'Attico of Rome
  • Actor in the film Libro dei Santi di Roma eterna (Book of Saints of Eternal Rome), directed by Alfredo Leonardi. Featuring as well as Pascali, Peter Hartmann, Jannis and Efi Kounellis, Eliseo Mattiacci, Ettore Rosboch and Mario Schifano. 16 mm, colour film, 15'
  • Study for the characters of I postoro's taken up again by Sandro Lodolo for an “Intermezzo” theme after Pascali’s death


  • Pino Pascali o la trasformazione del serpente (Pino Pascali or the transformation of the snake), by Marco Giusti, RAI production


  • Ritratto di uno scultore (Portrait of a sculptor), positive copy in b/w, single reel 210 m, time 18' 23'', 16 mm
  • Pino Pascali, documentary, directed by Agostino Bonomi, photography Luigi Quattrini, Sandro Brugnolini, Carone Cinematografica



Io sono un bambino selvaggio (I am a wild boy), radio programme by S. Fizzarotti and V. Bonomo, directed by Lino Di Turi. Interviews with Pino Pascali’s parents and Achille Bonito Oliva, conducted by Ettore De Marco. Radio programme broadcast regionally from the RAI station in Bari in two episodes, June