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The Archive Pino Pascali's Graphic Works has been founded in 2008; it has its premises in the Frittelli Arte Contemporanea gallery in Florence.
The Archive collects, catalogues and conserves all kinds of publications, documents, and audio-visual material illustrating Pascali’s artistic career. It encourages the study of the work of the artist, collaborates on the organisation of one-man and collective exhibitions, and offers informations about the life and work of the artist free of charge. All the documents will subsequently be published in the General Catalogue of the Work of the Artist.
Anyone in possession of a work by the artist is kindly requested to inform us by writing to us.The Scientific Committee is composed by Simone Frittelli, Carla Ruta, Claudia Lodolo, Maurizio Moriconi.

 Archive Pino Pascali's Graphic Works

c/o Frittelli arte contemporanea
via Val di Marina 15 - 50127 Firenze
tel. +39 055 410153
fax +39 055 4377359